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We work with firms that are either offer Personal Injury as their only practice or firms that offer a variety of practice areas to the public including Personal Injury.

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Some of the Strategies We Help You Implement

Vectors of Light

From the very first time someone sees your ad or learns about your firm, an impression about your firm is being developed. The relationship could be positive or negative. We help you build a relationship with current, former, and future clients and other stakeholders that produce positive benefits for the firm including referrals, reviews, and public support.

Queens Gambit

Understanding how crucial reviews are, the Queens Gambit strategy works to ensure your clients are feeling satisfied throughout the entire process so that when their case gets settled, they are going to undeniably leave a 5-star review.

Giant Killer Strategy

We understand how annoying it can be for large firms to take clients that are rightfully yours. One of the ways DPM combats this issue, is by implementing the Giant killer strategy. We help your firm become an industry expert, allowing you to be the goto firm for the leads of a specific niche because your firm appears to be more of an expert in this specific area vs the large giant firms.

3 Of Our Teams Key Pillars

Filling your Holes

As we speak, there is likely prospects going to your social media pages; website; or even calling in to see if you can help them. Some attorneys fail to realize if these leads don't get followed up with/questions answered instantly, they will start searching for another firm that can help them. We take this need very seriously and combine our Right Now Strategy with our Bridge Strategy to make sure you are able to capture all prospects and work to send them through your pipeline and fill your Opportunity Radar. The Opportunity Radar is a major component of our Leads To Seeds strategy.

Building Your Opportunity Radar

Expanding your Opportunity Radar allows for your firm to receive of the best opportunities long before other firms. An Opportunity Radar is a database of your potential, current, and future clients that may use your firm or provide reviews and referrals to your firm. The people in your Opportunity Radar are called Vectors of Light. In our Relationship Marketing pillar, we market to your Vectors of Light to keep your firm at the top of their mind so that they recommend your firm when case opportunities come to their attention.

Reputation & Review Management

As a part of managing your Opportunity Radar, we are constantly managing your reputation. We are constantly getting reviews from your Vectors of Light even if they have never actually been your client for a personal injury case. We are completing surveys throughout the client journey to unearth potential problems that might lead to a bad review or testimonial or an unwillingness to recommend your services. Then, after receiving the review or testimonial, we ensure that when possible the review or testimonial is shared throughout your Opportunity Radar and on social media.

Lead Generation

At Due Process Marketing, we know leads are the lifeblood of your business. To say our lead generation team has experience generating leads for personal injury firms is truly an understatement. Our years of perfecting our systems, multiple Google & FaceBook Ads Certifications, and deep history of client results provide us with an in-depth understanding of how to properly target, and filter personal injury leads.

Lead Nurturing

As most personal injury attorneys are aware, on average, a lead fills out the form of 3-5 various personal injury attorneys before finding a potential match. At Due Process Marketing, we recognize the ability to have these leads filling out your form, and staying in your database is crucial to increase your conversion rates and lower your cost per acquisition. In 2020, our lead nurturing team converted 42.11% of their leads, into appointments. Being able to contact your leads across multiple domains, following up with them for up to 6 months, and having real conversations with your leads within 5 minutes or less to qualify, is nothing but an asset to convert more leads, into clients

Lead Delivery

While our clients were ecstatic to watch their firms grow dramatically right in front of their eyes, we found they struggled in taking all of this new business. That's why we created a fully automated lead delivery system to organize, and systematically have all of the leads show up in your inbox neatly. We found simplifying the process for our attorneys to grow their firm as big as possible became even easier when they could very literally wake up every week, and see dozens of new business in their inboxes.

Social Media Management

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How do we generate leads?

We use multiple different social media platforms an use paid ads to generate leads

Are the leads exclusive?

Yes, all of the leads are qualified and exclusive for your firm

Do you have minimum monthly requirements?

We don't work with firms that want less than 25 leads per week.

What happens if the leads are dead?

If there are dead leads, we will add another lead for the next month

How much do the leads cost?

Personal injury lawyers could make about $30,000 per case, so we charge on average $200 per lead. However, if you have more criteria you want your leads to be qualified with, the CPA (obviously) will increase.

What is the maximum number of leads I can get?

Depending on your conversion rate, we are more than happy to deliver you all the leads that your personal injury firm can handle.

Are the leads delivered in


The leads are generated in real-time, and delivered at the end of the week

How long is my commitment?

Your commitment is as long as you would like it to be. Due Process Marketing is certain we can deliver leads as long as you can take them,

Do we help law firms all across The United States?

Not only do we help firms across America, but we also help all firms in North America, The United Kingdom, and Australia

How many people do we need in our firm to sign on?

You can be a solo attorney, or a large scale team. Our company generates leads for all personal injury firms

Am I committed to a contract?

We don't find a contract to be necessary. Due Process's services are very simple. All we want to do is generate your business more leads.

What do I need to do on my part?

Fill out the sign-in form, and our team will give you a call to make sure we can serve you properly. Then, we will join a Zoom call to ensure we're on the same page, you'll give us the criteria you want your leads to be qualified with, and in the next 3-4 days we'll start generating you more business.